My Aesthetic

This first piece is cool to me. Taken from my favorite album of all time, Vega Intl. Night School, its an art piece for a song called Annie. I’m a big fan of the vibrant and neon themed colors showcased, and the pinkish and beige background is a nice touch too. The cartoon note and the half aviators make it even more unique.

My 2nd piece is an album cover from musical artist Toro Y Moi. His album Boo Boo was a heartfelt and a deep album, and the cover reflects that. The all blue and heavily filtered photo was something I was always intrigued by. The piece of colored sheet he’s holding also adds a cool effect on his face.

This last picture is from an album called Caer, by artist Twin Shadow. I was a big fan of how he showcased his love of motorcycles and made motorcycle helmets into art. A deconstructed, reflective motorcycle helmet in the cloudy sky was something I really liked. The cleanliness and order of this picture really make the cut.

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