Final Project: Robert Beatty/Album Inspired Art

Process: For this project, I wanted to create my own album inspired art, primarily the kind that Robert Beatty has created. I’ve always admired his art for the Neon Indian and Tame Impala records he’s worked on, and so I wanted to create something similar to his artform. (Hours 1 and 2)

6 ball in the making
4 ball in the making

Hours 2-6: Instead of making orbs, I tried to come up with something i was more familar with. I’ve always played pool growing up with my friends, so that where i got the idea from, and it’s relevant in a lot of my artwork. I used adobe illustrator and made a bunch of these. Tools like the mesh points and grain effect helped bring out that shine effect.

Hours 6-10: For some of these pieces, I would swap back-in-forth from Illustrator and Photoshop, mostly for the liquify effect because it just works better than the warp tool in illustrator. It took me some time to find a rythm with all the tools and effects I was using.

Hours 10-16: At this stage, I really focused on editing and deciding what to put into my pieces. The gradient was also done on all of these pieces which took some time as well. I also created brand new orbs and refined them into pool balls. The 6 ball took me a couple hours to finish up.

Final project:

“7 Ball”
“2 ball”
“4 ball”
“8 Ball”
“6 ball”

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