Blog 8: Takeshi Murata

“Water Gun”- Takeshi Murata

Murata is an American multi-media artist that created “glitch art.” He is well known for his art involving computer processing as well as 3-D art. The first piece above I like mainly due to it’s realistic nature, and all around sleek design to it. I love the cleanliness and order of the water gun as well, and it’s impressive to see Murata carefully create something so detailed when it came to the water gun’s transparency.

“Street Trash”- Takeshi Murata

The 2nd piece is great because of it’s playful nature. This is the first piece I’ve seen Murata use a specific light to add element within the space, and I think he does a wonderful job of it. Everything from the 3D shapes to the fruit and Coors can laying around, this is definitely one of Murata’s fun pieces he’s done.

“Melter 2”- Takeshi Murata

By far one of my favorites from Murata, Melter 2 is such a simplistic idea, but the smoothest of all his work. This piece actually moves when displayed, causing a wavy animation that runs continually throughout it’s projection. The color’s chosen are vibrant and light, reminiscent to candy which I also liked.

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