Blog 7: Kirsten Lepore

“Bad Jubies”- Kirsten Lepore

Kirsten Lepore is an American animation artist best known for her college work “Sweet Dreams.” She has experimented and created her own style of playful animation, which led to many companies reaching out to her for her work. Above, she collaborated with “Adventure time with Finn and Jake” to create an episode with roughly just her clay style of animation. I remember watching this when I was younger and thinking how difficult it must’ve been to set all of this up. Everything looked very smooth and well colored.

“Hi Stranger”- Kirsten Lepore

I felt a little confused watching this. The camera was at a weird angle and I just had a bunch of questions in regards to what this was about. This piece definitely has her clay animated style all over it, and the shine on the person definitely gives it a real skin look.

Whole Foods- “Thrive”- Kirsten Lepore

As somebody who loves whole foods, I just had o mention the stop-motion work she did for this ad. Her style fits well with the organic environment she creates for the ad by having the vegetables jump up from the dirt and bounce around. I like this piece because it has a lot because it shows that Lepore’s style of animation can literally be used anywhere for any message it tries to convey.

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