Blog 6: Christian Marclay

Christain Marclay is an American visual and audio artist based in New York city. He is best known for is vinyl record edits by playing and DJing many of them at the same time. He samples certain parts of the record and layers the recording son top of each other to create a warping and unique sound. He is also known for his visual arts as well, which are displayed in San Diego, Los Angeles, and New York.

“48 war movies” – Christian Marclay

The first piece I choice was titled “48 War Movies.” It’s 48 war movies layered on top of each other, displaying the sounds of screams, battle cries, explosions, and gunfire, creating an uneasy feeling to the viewer. To me, it’s interesting to see a piece that creates an uncomfortable feeling to its viewers.

“splat”- Christian Marclay

The 2nd piece that I chose is called “Splat.” I like this piece because it’s not too much to take in, and I also like the comic book text of the action that really makes you hear the sound. The green in a great color to put over the disfigured skull as well. I’m a big fan of Marclay’s comic book inspired work, and I do feel like it’s a bit underrated.

“Fisssss Bang!” – Christain Marclay

The last piece I like mainly because of the amount of action that is taking place. From the expression on the man’s face to the overuse of comic book sounds, it’s an explosive piece to take in. It’s also humous in a way because the guy has only half of his pants on, so I’m glad to see Marclay have fun with his work.

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