Blog 4: Cory Arcangel

“I Shot Andy Warhol” – 2002

Cory Arcangel is an American artist based in Brooklyn, NY. He is best known for his video game hacks and digital art. He travels internationally to display his work, and also sells his gadgets that he used to create it on his website. Above, I like this piece because of it’s interactional and 8-bit display. Shooting Andy Warhol is a weird concept though.

“Super Mario Clouds” Cory Arcangel

The 2nd piece was created by Cory hacking into Super Mario Bros. and altering the code. This piece is cool mainly due to its simplicity and color. This would make a nice background for a computer too.

“Totally Fucked”- 2003. Cory Arcangel

The final piece is my favorite because of it’s humor. Cory hacked the game so that Mario really does have know where to go. There is a lot of space in the piece, but very little option for anything else. Pieces like this offer an alternative view of the world of Super Mario Bros.

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