Blog 3: Rashaad Newsome

One of Newsome’s collages.

Rashaad Newsome is a multimedia artist that specializes in choregraphed performances, collages, and movement art. He is inspired by hip-hop and many comics from his youth and has learned his fair trade of art skills from there. The first piece is a motion detected art piece that was drawn by movement points captured by a dancer. To me, this looks like scribbles on Adobe Illustrator, but I’ll give credit where its due.

Art frame designed by Newsome.

The 2nd piece is an art frame and collage Newsome created. It stands out for it’s awesome blue color and creative piece inside the frame. the detail and design of the outer frame must have took quite some time. The yacht emerging from the picture fits well with a light blue water-like background.

Newsome’s matte black collage

The last piece I like because of the solid background it provides. The matte black is a nice touch, and the collage is the middle is awesome with the explosions worked into the cut out eyes. The etching on the frame gives it a luxurious feel.

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