Blog 2: David McLeod

“Amfursands” by David McLeod

David McLeod is an Australian artist known for collaborating with big name companies such as Nike and IBM. His style revolves around the experimentation of CG, both moving and still images. The first photo above I like because of the colors and the realness of it. It’s easy on the eyes and it’s not too much to comprehend.

“Andy Awards” David McLeod

For my second picture, I picked something that McLeod created for the ANDY Awards back in 2014. The woody styled lettering pops out in a dark background, making it one of my favorite pieces among McLeod’s work. The letting created here is really unique and is something I would use when creating a digital art piece.

“IBM Outthink” David McLeod

By far my favorite piece of McLeod, The effects on everything look so life-like. From the plastic melting over the crystal bars, to the steam rising throughout the picture, The experimentation of McLeod’s trademark CG show off here.

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