Blog 15: Chris Milk

Kanye West
“Touch the Sky”- Milk

Chris Milk is an American artist who specializes in virtual reality and owns a company that does so as well. The first piece i’m familiar with is Kanye’s music video for touch the sky. Chris’s childhood hero was Evil Knievel and that’s what drew inspiration for the setting of the video. It’s humorous, fun, and an ode to vintage directing from the 70’s.

Senator Barack Obama
“Senator Barack Obama”- Milk

Milk also specializes in still photos. His work is clean and at a good angle, as seen above in this photo of Obama. Milk collaborated with Obama, and did some visual work with him on the campaign trial back in 2008. I like this photo because of the clarity and overall action that was captured here.

“Wilderness Machine”- Milk

The last piece comes from an online interaction piece where the user inputs an address and a virtual landscape is created. This machine writes a letter to the people who partook in the online piece and writes out to them a secret message in which they can send back. Overall, it’s unique and a great piece for people to see.

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