Blog 11: Rafael Hemmer

“Articulated Intersect”- Hemmer

Rafael Hemmer is a Mexican-Canadien contemporary artist that specializes in making interactive art. He has a wide range from computer and mobile art, to lighting and display art. Above, I chose this piece because of it’s size. The lights really beam out into the sky and are well placed around a dock. I like the fact that Hemmer isn’t just keeping it all for one canvas, he’s not afraid to take risks.

“Blue Sun”- Hemmer

This 2nd piece is so pure in a sense. It’s a digitized style of a blue sun that falls from the ceiling. Its a nice installation and I think it fits nicely into the building where its displayed at. It really lights up the room, and probably looks even better at night. The dark blue lines contrast well with the bright and white blue in the orb.

“Flatsun” at the Armory Show 2013 – Hemmer

This last piece is my favorite work by him. This on the wall depiction of the sun is well done in terms of realism. It looks like somebody trapped lava into the glass. The radiance on the outside is also a nice touch. Actual photos of the sun are similar to this digital model. It gives off a nice color to the dark room it’s placed in as well.

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