Blog 10: Maria Chavez

Maria Chavez is a Peruvian abstract sound artist that specializes in creating different sounds with broken or conditioned records. She has collaborated with Christian Marclay who also is familiar with this kind of art. She also has developed a special record needle that can pick up two different sounds at once.

The sound above is an interesting piece from Chavez. I’ve noticed her work comes in two parts, coming from the two records she uses to play when she performs. noticed in her live performances she has a side piece of synthesizer/oscillator that is used to set the pitch and edit the sound she is playing.

This sound is good mainly because of the short length of it. Things seem to pick a bit in the middle of the sound, and it’s amazing to hear Chavez alter the sound with her turntable device. The sound is reminiscent to a dream sequence in that it’s very easy and light sound being created.

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