Blog 6: Christian Marclay

Christain Marclay is an American visual and audio artist based in New York city. He is best known for is vinyl record edits by playing and DJing many of them at the same time. He samples certain parts of the record and layers the recording son top of each other to create a warping and unique sound. He is also known for his visual arts as well, which are displayed in San Diego, Los Angeles, and New York.

“48 war movies” – Christian Marclay

The first piece I choice was titled “48 War Movies.” It’s 48 war movies layered on top of each other, displaying the sounds of screams, battle cries, explosions, and gunfire, creating an uneasy feeling to the viewer. To me, it’s interesting to see a piece that creates an uncomfortable feeling to its viewers.

“splat”- Christian Marclay

The 2nd piece that I chose is called “Splat.” I like this piece because it’s not too much to take in, and I also like the comic book text of the action that really makes you hear the sound. The green in a great color to put over the disfigured skull as well. I’m a big fan of Marclay’s comic book inspired work, and I do feel like it’s a bit underrated.

“Fisssss Bang!” – Christain Marclay

The last piece I like mainly because of the amount of action that is taking place. From the expression on the man’s face to the overuse of comic book sounds, it’s an explosive piece to take in. It’s also humous in a way because the guy has only half of his pants on, so I’m glad to see Marclay have fun with his work.

Assignment: Lightroom

What I changed: For the first photo of the dog, i wanted to create some mood lighting for the picture. I raised the temperature and made the dog look like a little more serious. The clarity was enhanced as well.

For the second picture, I wanted to make the sunset was more vibrant and add more life to it. I gave it more of a desert sun color throughout the photo. Compared to the first photo, it looks less groggy and cold. My redo definitely feels warmer and active.

Blog 5: Kelli Connel

Kelli Connel is an American photographer famous for her recreation of characters through using self portraits.

Much of her art focuses on identity roles and gender norms, and what her perspective on it is.

The first piece I like because of the setting. The expression on there faces suggests there just conversing.

The next picture I like mainly because it looks like something out of a movie. Somebody did something wrong. You can tell there is a serious tension in this room.

The last picture is cool too. Here they look like they don’t know each other, and one of them might say something to the other. There is a blank expression on one of there faces which might indicate deep thought.

Project 4: Collage


For this piece, i used the the subject tool to cut out many of my images. I decided to have fun with project. The theme of this piece is media, and the different forms of it.

Blog 4: Cory Arcangel

“I Shot Andy Warhol” – 2002

Cory Arcangel is an American artist based in Brooklyn, NY. He is best known for his video game hacks and digital art. He travels internationally to display his work, and also sells his gadgets that he used to create it on his website. Above, I like this piece because of it’s interactional and 8-bit display. Shooting Andy Warhol is a weird concept though.

“Super Mario Clouds” Cory Arcangel

The 2nd piece was created by Cory hacking into Super Mario Bros. and altering the code. This piece is cool mainly due to its simplicity and color. This would make a nice background for a computer too.

“Totally Fucked”- 2003. Cory Arcangel

The final piece is my favorite because of it’s humor. Cory hacked the game so that Mario really does have know where to go. There is a lot of space in the piece, but very little option for anything else. Pieces like this offer an alternative view of the world of Super Mario Bros.

Project 3: Album Covers

For this album cover, i decided to take a more rural and country approach, given the random names that were generated for me. I cut out a picture of the old man and made him transparent in the sky. I then typed the album title on the horse.

This piece probably took the most time. I found an image of a green screen and used it as my background. I then cut out images of an old motorcycle helmet and motorcycle and subtracted them to give it a green effect. The image in the middle was a racing photo i found which was the main center piece for the album.

I found a picture of Chicago’s transit system and then preceded to use the negative effect on that specific layer. I then cut out two doves and made them transparent in the background.

Blog 3: Rashaad Newsome

One of Newsome’s collages.

Rashaad Newsome is a multimedia artist that specializes in choregraphed performances, collages, and movement art. He is inspired by hip-hop and many comics from his youth and has learned his fair trade of art skills from there. The first piece is a motion detected art piece that was drawn by movement points captured by a dancer. To me, this looks like scribbles on Adobe Illustrator, but I’ll give credit where its due.

Art frame designed by Newsome.

The 2nd piece is an art frame and collage Newsome created. It stands out for it’s awesome blue color and creative piece inside the frame. the detail and design of the outer frame must have took quite some time. The yacht emerging from the picture fits well with a light blue water-like background.

Newsome’s matte black collage

The last piece I like because of the solid background it provides. The matte black is a nice touch, and the collage is the middle is awesome with the explosions worked into the cut out eyes. The etching on the frame gives it a luxurious feel.

Project 2: Logo

“Benny” Logo in color
“Benny” logo in black and white.

For my logo, i decided to make my font by using the paintbrush tool and draw my name. I then used the 3D effect to give it more volume, and applied grain to smooth out the design and make it have a natural quality. I chose purple and blue mainly because those colors go nice together and are reminiscent of the 90’s color wave. My last step was to plastic wrap the whole thing to provide a leather look and shine to it.

Blog 2: David McLeod

“Amfursands” by David McLeod

David McLeod is an Australian artist known for collaborating with big name companies such as Nike and IBM. His style revolves around the experimentation of CG, both moving and still images. The first photo above I like because of the colors and the realness of it. It’s easy on the eyes and it’s not too much to comprehend.

“Andy Awards” David McLeod

For my second picture, I picked something that McLeod created for the ANDY Awards back in 2014. The woody styled lettering pops out in a dark background, making it one of my favorite pieces among McLeod’s work. The letting created here is really unique and is something I would use when creating a digital art piece.

“IBM Outthink” David McLeod

By far my favorite piece of McLeod, The effects on everything look so life-like. From the plastic melting over the crystal bars, to the steam rising throughout the picture, The experimentation of McLeod’s trademark CG show off here.

Robert Beatty

NY Times “Why Time Flies”

The first picture i wanted to find had to be something that i sort of recognized. Robert Beatty is known for his vintage/retro design that have many newspaper companies and musical artists alike wanting his art. I like this piece mainly because it reminds me of 2001: A Space Odyssey. If you haven’t seen it i highly recommend you do. The glass shard in the middle of a desert sky was something that clicked for me. the light blend of the background is a nice touch too.

Dent May’s “Across The Multiverse”

This was kind of a shock to me. I remember listening to this album when it came out and always recognizing how cool and vibrant the album cover was, but i had no idea Robert Beatty created the album cover. From the tropical setting on the left to the space setting on the right, it really does go across the multiverse. The outline of Dent May which goes across the color spectrum, and the sparkle in his shades have a great result.

Neon Indian’s “Vega Intl. Night School”

This is my favorite album of all time. I had no idea that Robert Beatty created the album cover and all of the art for Alan Palamo’s project. Matter of fact, the first post i made on here was Robert Beatty’s art from this album without knowing it. The album cover truly is a representation of the sounds produced in the album. Neon lights shine bright while a MOOG synthesizer in the background casts a purple light. The logos on the left side with the Japanese lettering offer a cool visual as well. 10/10.