Final Project: Robert Beatty/Album Inspired Art

Process: For this project, I wanted to create my own album inspired art, primarily the kind that Robert Beatty has created. I’ve always admired his art for the Neon Indian and Tame Impala records he’s worked on, and so I wanted to create something similar to his artform. (Hours 1 and 2)

6 ball in the making
4 ball in the making

Hours 2-6: Instead of making orbs, I tried to come up with something i was more familar with. I’ve always played pool growing up with my friends, so that where i got the idea from, and it’s relevant in a lot of my artwork. I used adobe illustrator and made a bunch of these. Tools like the mesh points and grain effect helped bring out that shine effect.

Hours 6-10: For some of these pieces, I would swap back-in-forth from Illustrator and Photoshop, mostly for the liquify effect because it just works better than the warp tool in illustrator. It took me some time to find a rythm with all the tools and effects I was using.

Hours 10-16: At this stage, I really focused on editing and deciding what to put into my pieces. The gradient was also done on all of these pieces which took some time as well. I also created brand new orbs and refined them into pool balls. The 6 ball took me a couple hours to finish up.

Final project:

“7 Ball”
“2 ball”
“4 ball”
“8 Ball”
“6 ball”

Blog 15: Chris Milk

Kanye West
“Touch the Sky”- Milk

Chris Milk is an American artist who specializes in virtual reality and owns a company that does so as well. The first piece i’m familiar with is Kanye’s music video for touch the sky. Chris’s childhood hero was Evil Knievel and that’s what drew inspiration for the setting of the video. It’s humorous, fun, and an ode to vintage directing from the 70’s.

Senator Barack Obama
“Senator Barack Obama”- Milk

Milk also specializes in still photos. His work is clean and at a good angle, as seen above in this photo of Obama. Milk collaborated with Obama, and did some visual work with him on the campaign trial back in 2008. I like this photo because of the clarity and overall action that was captured here.

“Wilderness Machine”- Milk

The last piece comes from an online interaction piece where the user inputs an address and a virtual landscape is created. This machine writes a letter to the people who partook in the online piece and writes out to them a secret message in which they can send back. Overall, it’s unique and a great piece for people to see.

Blog 14: Wafaa Bilal

Iraq/Iran- Bilal

Wafaa Bilal is an Iraqi artist who specializes in political art. He grew up under the Sadam regime, as was punished by the Iraqi government for being critical of the it’s human rights violations. The first piece i chose i liked because of it’s minimalist design. I know that both countries practice Sunni and Shia Islam, but to most people they see the same culture, which i believed was the artists intention.

“Canto III”- Bilal

The 2nd piece i liked mainly due to it’s simplicity and humor. Bilal explained that the Ba’ath party in Iraq compared Saddam to the 2nd coming of Saladin, and in that case he should be glorified. I like how just stone-cold he looks here. It navigates between what is real, and what should be taken seriously. Overall, good piece

“Virtual Jihadi”- Bilal

The last piece was my favorite. Bilal hacked an Al Qaeda gane and casted himself as a suicide bomber for the plot. It was to show how Al Qaeda manipulates the Iraqi population through means of terror, causing injustice. It is good to bring attention through works of art like this one. I is surreal and probably his most controversial piece, it sends an important message for Iraqis around the globe.

Final Project Pitch

For my final project, i plan on using Adobe illustrator and Photoshop to create a series of pieces that are “outer space” inspired. I’ve taken inspiration from Robert Beatty, but this will be my own twist on it. There will probably 3 different pieces that related in some way. I’m trying to do something reminiscent of album inspired art, and the sort of art you would find in a vinyl record.

Examples below:

Project 7: Sound walk

For this project, i decided to choose the balcony on Melchers hall as my soundscape. I wanted to create a lighthouse experience in which you are standing at the top of lighthouse and hearing everything within range. I had a difficult time using audition, but once i spent some time on it things began to clear up. The bells i used transition from left to right ear, and some the lightning strikes do the same. The music at the end represents harmony and peace after the storm.

Blog 11: Rafael Hemmer

“Articulated Intersect”- Hemmer

Rafael Hemmer is a Mexican-Canadien contemporary artist that specializes in making interactive art. He has a wide range from computer and mobile art, to lighting and display art. Above, I chose this piece because of it’s size. The lights really beam out into the sky and are well placed around a dock. I like the fact that Hemmer isn’t just keeping it all for one canvas, he’s not afraid to take risks.

“Blue Sun”- Hemmer

This 2nd piece is so pure in a sense. It’s a digitized style of a blue sun that falls from the ceiling. Its a nice installation and I think it fits nicely into the building where its displayed at. It really lights up the room, and probably looks even better at night. The dark blue lines contrast well with the bright and white blue in the orb.

“Flatsun” at the Armory Show 2013 – Hemmer

This last piece is my favorite work by him. This on the wall depiction of the sun is well done in terms of realism. It looks like somebody trapped lava into the glass. The radiance on the outside is also a nice touch. Actual photos of the sun are similar to this digital model. It gives off a nice color to the dark room it’s placed in as well.

Blog 10: Maria Chavez

Maria Chavez is a Peruvian abstract sound artist that specializes in creating different sounds with broken or conditioned records. She has collaborated with Christian Marclay who also is familiar with this kind of art. She also has developed a special record needle that can pick up two different sounds at once.

The sound above is an interesting piece from Chavez. I’ve noticed her work comes in two parts, coming from the two records she uses to play when she performs. noticed in her live performances she has a side piece of synthesizer/oscillator that is used to set the pitch and edit the sound she is playing.

This sound is good mainly because of the short length of it. Things seem to pick a bit in the middle of the sound, and it’s amazing to hear Chavez alter the sound with her turntable device. The sound is reminiscent to a dream sequence in that it’s very easy and light sound being created.

Blog 8: Takeshi Murata

“Water Gun”- Takeshi Murata

Murata is an American multi-media artist that created “glitch art.” He is well known for his art involving computer processing as well as 3-D art. The first piece above I like mainly due to it’s realistic nature, and all around sleek design to it. I love the cleanliness and order of the water gun as well, and it’s impressive to see Murata carefully create something so detailed when it came to the water gun’s transparency.

“Street Trash”- Takeshi Murata

The 2nd piece is great because of it’s playful nature. This is the first piece I’ve seen Murata use a specific light to add element within the space, and I think he does a wonderful job of it. Everything from the 3D shapes to the fruit and Coors can laying around, this is definitely one of Murata’s fun pieces he’s done.

“Melter 2”- Takeshi Murata

By far one of my favorites from Murata, Melter 2 is such a simplistic idea, but the smoothest of all his work. This piece actually moves when displayed, causing a wavy animation that runs continually throughout it’s projection. The color’s chosen are vibrant and light, reminiscent to candy which I also liked.

Blog 7: Kirsten Lepore

“Bad Jubies”- Kirsten Lepore

Kirsten Lepore is an American animation artist best known for her college work “Sweet Dreams.” She has experimented and created her own style of playful animation, which led to many companies reaching out to her for her work. Above, she collaborated with “Adventure time with Finn and Jake” to create an episode with roughly just her clay style of animation. I remember watching this when I was younger and thinking how difficult it must’ve been to set all of this up. Everything looked very smooth and well colored.

“Hi Stranger”- Kirsten Lepore

I felt a little confused watching this. The camera was at a weird angle and I just had a bunch of questions in regards to what this was about. This piece definitely has her clay animated style all over it, and the shine on the person definitely gives it a real skin look.

Whole Foods- “Thrive”- Kirsten Lepore

As somebody who loves whole foods, I just had o mention the stop-motion work she did for this ad. Her style fits well with the organic environment she creates for the ad by having the vegetables jump up from the dirt and bounce around. I like this piece because it has a lot because it shows that Lepore’s style of animation can literally be used anywhere for any message it tries to convey.

Project 5: Selfie portrait

“The Yankees Game” – Benny Siegel, 2019.

For our selfie portrait project, I decided to use my friends house as a place of setting. I wore my Canadien Tuxedo (denim jeans + denim jacket) for the photo. I carefully traced out myself after inverting each individual photo, creating the duplicate effect. I went onto Lightroom after and chose a pale greenish grainy photo quality. I was inspired by what would look like if I was watching a Yankee’s game with my friends and family. People are always talking, pointing things out, and turning up the T.V.